Logo Sense Undergoes Re-branding!

Rebranding can be a great strategy to breathe new life into a company or business. There are many reasons why a company should consider rebranding; below are just 5.

1. The current brand is old and outdated

2. To reposition itself in the market

3. Its competition is heating up and needs to do something to get noticed

4. It has expanded and now offers different products and services

5. No one knows who they are

The reason why Logo Sense rebranded falls most relevantly into option 1. Logo Sense has had the same look since it began and I thought it was time for a change..and, to be honest, the blue background was starting to make my eyes hurt.

So what does everyone think of the new look? And this guy needs a name!

I’m taking suggestions for a name for the new Logo Sense mascot so if you have one that you think fits, write it down in the comment area!